Consistency keeps Customers

Last week, I was scheduled for my regular 6 month teeth cleaning. I was reminded of this appointment with a call from Barbie, the receptionist, who confirmed the 10:50 a.m. appointment. No appointments are scheduled on the hour or half hour as the practice has found patients are more apt to remember and be on-time for a unique time frame.
Entering the practice, I am greeted by Debbie, another receptionist who smiles as she looks up from her work and tells me how nice it is to see me again and that they will be right with me. I have a seat in the waiting room and start to read one of my favorite magazines, but before I hardly get through a couple of pages, a hygienist is standing at the door and calling my name to come back with her. She greets and asks how I am doing then leads me to the operatory and begins her part of the process.
As soon as she finishes, the dentist comes into the room and asks me how my family and I are doing. He asks about my mother as she is also a patient of his and then shares a couple of anecdotes about his father. He proceeds to check my teeth and comments accordingly. As he completes the checkup, he tells me how good it is to see me again and wishes me well till the next visit. Susan, the hygienist, asks what color toothbrush would I like, and then gives me a goodie bag with a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste.
Before leaving, the dentist escorts me back to Debbie at the front desk, we chat a few more minutes as she prepares the bill and schedules the next appointment. While the experience feels very personal and not rushed, the entire process from walking in the door to out the door is usually less than 50 minutes.
No big Wow’s throughout this customer journey that I have been doing for the past 20 years with this dental practice. But Consistency. Consistency from the phone call verifying the appointment to the goodie bag at the end. Consistency feels good all along the way. Every touch point: the front desk receptionist, the hygienist, the doctor, the bill processor/scheduler all make me feel like a very special person in their life, not just another transaction. This builds customer loyalty. Strong relationships make it more difficult for someone to change their provider solely based on price, convenience, or even technology.
How consistent is your customer’s journey? Do they receive a seamless experience in how each employee interaction makes them feel? Has your organization defined what that feeling should be? If not, then every employee is making up their own determination as to what customer satisfaction looks like and feels like; therefore, the odds of your customers getting a consistent experience is low. A Service Philosophy statement clarifies in a short and simple statement the vision of service excellence for everyone.

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