There are many breakfast restaurants to choose from in Daytona Beach once you’ve rolled out of bed and want some sustenance before hitting the surf. However, one restaurant stands out and has been voted #1 by Trip Advisor for the past four years – The Cracked Egg Diner. What makes it stand out over the others?

The critical ingredient is the owners are always there, smiling, helping seat tables, keeping things under control, and always thanking the customers as they leave. They know that when the food is good and all other factors being equal, it is the experience that will keep customers coming back.

But it doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant, office, or manufacturing plant; management must be visible for long-term success. It sets the tone for service and quality by showing you care.There is nothing to replace management “being there”. Those organizations that ensure their management team is out with the frontline on a regular basis are the winners in the game of business.

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