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Best Buy has wanted to stay in business during these uncertain times and so they have been very creative and innovative. Last week I needed a video camera for a special project and drove to Best Buy hoping I could buy one there. Interestingly, as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I was waved by an employee into a particular parking spot. I noticed I was three car spaces away from the next car as was every other car in the lot.

The employee asked me for my mobile number and then asked me to wait till I was called by someone in the store. In just several minutes, I received a call by a person who pleasantly greeted me and identified himself as a Best Buy employee named Jim. He proceeded to ask me what I wanted to purchase and I told him a video camera, but was not sure which one specifically. He asked a few more questions to clarify how I wished to use the camera and then asked me to hang up and he would call me back.

Within 5 minutes, Jim called my cell phone and sent a text with a picture of the video camera he recommended based upon my needs. I agreed it would be perfect. I gave him my payment information, he completed the sale and wished me a good rest of day. Another employee then delivered the video camera to my car and off I went.

Very smooth process, minimum human interaction, yet I felt connected and valued as a customer. Personal greetings, efficient processes, and teamwork all played a vital role in successfully creating a new way to deliver to customers and still provide amazing customer service.

Are you and your organization able to think outside the box and identify ways you can continue to serve your customers and keep everyone safe? Invite your employees to share ideas with you. In today’s world we are all in this together and everyone needs to take ownership and help to keep businesses alive as much as possible.

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