The job of an engine it to propel or move something forward and according to the Wall Street Journal article on Monday June 7th, Customer Service is an engine to grow one’s business. Major companies such as Walgreens, Comcast and American Express are shifting more of their resources to help staff build better relationships with customers and improve loyalty.
It is also an opportunity to woo customers away from the competition. According to one survey of 5,000 customers, 69% said they had switched at least one provider because of poor customer service. This was 2 percentage points higher than in 2008 and 10 points higher than 2007!

For so many years companies have focused on efficiency especially in the call center industry. Now the senior executives are training their employees to focus less on resolving calls quickly and more on building customer loyalty. It is more about the quality of the customer service now than the quantity of calls handled. Interesting shift in mindset that companies like Disney and Zappos learned long ago.


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