According to Paul Simon, of Sharper Content, customer service is not rocket science, but common sense.  In his blog, Common Sense Customer Service That Isn’t Always So Common, he shares an experience he had of waiting in line at Target and being virtually ignored while a dozen other employees stood around not making any effort to speed up his experience.   And, he’s right!  So, why does it seem so difficult, if its suppose to be common sense?

I believe it comes down to training employees to be aware and training through examples of scenarios.  It is one thing to tell employees to be helpful to customers, it is another to give specific examples of how to look through the lens of the customer.  Obviously, Wal-Mart has done this.  Whenever I shop at a Wal-Mart, if a cashier has no one in her line, she walks out from behind the register and stands in front of her entire station and waves customers heading to that area to her register.  Is that a natural common behavior? I think not.  It is a behavior that is trained.  If you look through the lens of most customers, you know they don’t like long waits in line, no matter where they are.  Therefore, whatever you can do to speed up that process or keep them occupied while in line (see Disney line interactions), the happier they will be when it is “their turn”.

Common sense isn’t so common as Paul says, and that’s why businesses that work hard at it, will leapfrog their competition in the years to come.


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