What is customer service presence? It is when the customer has the perception that the employee truly cares about them, their needs, and their desires. It is when a customer trusts that the employee is doing everything they can to help them.

Customer service presence is portrayed through these three aspects:

1. Physical Presence: Customers make an impression of you within the first 4 seconds of meeting you. This perception is derived from everything physical about you. It is about your posture, your stance, the way you are dressed, and your overall visual body image.

2. Vocal Presence: Customers listen to your voice. Impressions are made by your voice tone, inflection, and articulation. Is your voice projection quiet, mumbling, loud, or clear? Believability in what you are telling the customer is delivered or not delivered by how confident you sound. This is especially true on the phone.

3. Essential Presence: Essential presence is how you relate and connect with people. It focuses on the interpersonal skills that engage others and make people feel comfortable with you. Active listening, understanding personality types, and a genuineness to want to do the right thing for the customer constructs this fundamental aspect of essential presence.

There are some employees who portray these three aspects naturally and with ease. Other employees must be taught these aspects. Successful organizations understand the power of having all employees exhibit customer service presence.

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