Great customer service doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be consistent. Walt Disney World is known for its cast members exhibiting friendly and courteous service seamlessly across all of their Parks.

This level of service was not left up to chance or assumption. Guidelines for how cast members are to behave were identified and for many years they were called the Disney Seven Service Guidelines. These guidelines can provide good tips for similar behavior with employees in any line of business.

1. Make eye contact and smile.
2. Greet and welcome each and every Guest.
3. Seek out Guest contact.
4. Provide immediate service recovery.
5. Display appropriate body language.
6. Preserve the magical Guest experience.
7. Thank each and every Guest.

If you are a manager, spend some time with your staff talking about how each one of these tips can be applied within your department and with your customers. If you are staff, think about how you can exhibit each of these within your area and with your co-workers (they are your customers too!).

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