>Most every successful organization that attracts customers finds the need to balance between overstaffing to handle all customers immediately or understaffing and have a wait period. The job of the manager is to determine the “right” staffing and I hear the question over and over from banks, grocery stores, retail stores, doctor offices – what is an acceptable wait time?

Some  of the answer lies in what can you do in that idle time to provide value to the customer if there is a wait? Walt Disney World uses the time to provide more story to the main attraction and ride. The wait is fun and becomes a part of the entertainment. A blood center uses the wait time to educate the potential donor how and where their donation will be used. A doctor’s office connects during the wait time with digital viewing brochures to show her clients about the variety of treatments and services she offers. Custom on-hold messages can enliven and enlighten your customers’ telephone wait time.

But, the most innovative and creative use of wait time I’ve seen in a long time, can be seen at www.flixxy.com/christmas-lisbon-airport.htm  provided by the employees of TAP Portugal and All Nippon Airways. Now that’s a wait period you won’t forget soon!

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