cat imageLook at yourself in the mirror. Are you really who you say you are? I can’t believe the number of organizations who only focus on creating a brand logo, brand marketing materials, and brand facility locations and not about the actual customer experience.  If you don’t live the brand, then what does it matter?  If the experience doesn’t match the brand promise, customers will be disappointed and not come back. It’s as simple as that.

When you create a brand promise, you set up expectations. Through your marketing, advertising and other media material, customers walk in your door or call you with a certain expectation in mind. When you don’t match or live up to that expectation, a disconnect is created.  The reality is that you didn’t really mean the promise you made.  Looking through the customer’s lens, it feels as if you “faked” them out.

I see this happening in businesses and organizations everywhere; from the health care provider who promised “easy processing” to the mobile telephone carrier who promised “personal care”. The reality didn’t match the delivery.

Promises set up perceived Expectations. Reality confirms the Delivery of the Promise.
Look in the mirror. Do you do what you say you are?

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