Giving amazing service doesn’t have to cost your organization a penny. In fact, it can be FREE! What costs you money is giving poor service because to recover from delivering poor service, you will pay in terms of apology time, credits or discounts to win customer back, or rework in doing it over to make it right.

Start-up companies and established organizations can define themselves through delivering WOW service customers will talk about that will bring in new customers. It means building a culture that focuses on excellent service at every customer touch point. It means inspiring employees to look for little things that if done consistently, add up.

Examples of WOW customer service I have experienced recently that didn’t cost the organization:

• Hotel clerk upgraded my reserved room to room with view when I told him it was my wedding anniversary (it was out of season and hotel was only 60% booked at time)
• Veterinarian office gave me an id card with picture of my dog on it along with the wallet card they were printing anyway
• Grocery store wrote down unusual item I asked for which they didn’t have and the next time I shopped there – it was on their shelf
• Dry cleaning clerk pulled my clothing items and had bill prepared as soon as I walked into her shop (she saw me pull into her parking lot)

WOW service can be as much fun for the employee to deliver as it is for the customer to receive. Focus on building your culture and your employees will look for the opportunity to amaze your customers.

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