“Welcome to Walt Disney World! We are so happy to see you! We hope you have a magical day!” These are some of the statements you hear as you enter the Magic Kingdom. Disney knows you have saved your money for a very long time to make this visit, they know that you and your family have been talking about this trip for a long time, and they know you are all very excited that now you are finally here. Don’t you want the cast members to be just as excited as you? Of course you do! You feel a connection to them and want it reciprocated.
Therefore, the cast members are trained to match that enthusiasm.

“Ferries to the right, monorails to the left, watch your step, hope you have a nice evening.” These are some of the statements you might hear as you are leaving the Magic Kingdom after a long day visiting the park. Disney knows you are hot, tired, your feet hurt and you are ready to get back to your hotel. So, once again, they match their emotions to yours, but this time, more subdued. The impression you get back is that they care. You don’t feel processed, but you sense that you are valued as a guest.

Looking through the lens of the customer requires identifying your customer’s emotions and responding appropriately. It is this acknowledgement of the emotions and response that makes customers feel like they are human beings and not just another number or transaction. They don’t feel “processed”, but they feel “valued”. Valued customers will come back and they will refer you to others because you made them feel recognized.

Think about your business or organization and how your employees can match the emotions of your customers. What are the emotions of:
• the customer looking to purchase a new car
• the customer coming in for a massage
• the student’s first day of school
• the passenger boarding a flight late at night
• the couple celebrating their first anniversary dinner

By putting yourself into the shoes of your customers and identifying with the emotions and responding appropriately, your organization can differentiate itself head and shoulders above any competition.

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