You have been at the park all day riding the rides, posing with Mickey and gang, watching a musical parade, immersing yourself in a fantasy land, and finally when the day is done and you think it’s all over, Disney pulls out one last surprise: an incredible firework show with lights and music to top off the night. It is like the kiss good-night after a great date.

Customers want to build an emotional connection with the people to whom they give their business. They want you to care as much about them and their business as they do. The companies that do this are the ones that create loyal customers. These companies know that you have to do a little bit more than what is expected to build that sense of value-added and caring. Disney does this by offering a fireworks show when you are already feeling you got your money’s worth, Nordstroms does this by staff walking around the counter to hand you your purchase looking you in the eye and thanking you, Amazon does this by sending you an email saying they found they were able to pull together all your purchases and get them in the mail today even though originally it appeared they were going to be separate.

For me, it was the plumber who cleaned half my kitchen floor even though he only worked around the sink – he said he always liked leaving a customer’s house looking better than what it did before he came in. It was the air duct installer who changed his drenched and sweaty shirt after working in my attic to present me with my bill – he said he wanted to leave his customers with a good impression. It was the veterinarian who called the day after I had taken my dog in for an ear infection and he asked me how “Madden” was doing.

What about your business, what is the kiss good-night you can give your customers?

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