Customer needs and wants change over time and if you are not listening, then how will you know what you should be doing to keep your customers? Listening to your customers can keep you on the forefront of your competition. And as Disney found out during a recent polling of guests, it is not always the big things that customers want, most times it’s the little things that make the difference.

Recently, they surveyed over 10,000 recent guests and the results are now steering their capital spending decisions at Walt Disney Company hotels around the world. More refrigerators, more beds and free wi-fi were the top desires among those polled. Disney doesn’t just listen, they implement. Recognizing the busy summer season is rapidly approaching, they have already begun installation of these requests.

Surveys, comment cards, focus groups, listening posts are all means to hear when your customer needs and wants are changing. Scott Cook, the former CEO of Intuit, would invite his top 60 loyal customers to share with him what they desired to be done to keep them using his Quicken products. Through their sharing and his listening, he was able to quickly adapt when changes needed to happen.

Listen and learn. Nothing remains static in this world, what made customers delighted with you yesterday, will not necessarily be what keeps them happy tomorrow. Your job is to stay on top of what they want and decide what you must do to meet the changing needs and wants.

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