>They say it is a race of “survival of the fittest” in most cultures.  And in today’s culture and economy, the cliche still holds true.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, as Sea World and Universal struggle to hold onto market share, Disney widens the gap.  When you are on top, you don’t want to give it up easily.  It may require doing things you may never have considered before.  Such is the case with Disney.

Recognizing the downturn in spending and discretionary funds for the extras in life, like vacations, Disney started offering promotions to keep drawing visitors.  Reducing costs though doesn’t mean reducing service; in fact, it is even more important the high level of service is maintained because people will remember how they were treated long after they have forgotten the price reductions.

Innovation and creativity plays a big role in “survival of the fittest”.  Coming up with new ideas and new ways of doing things to attract customers.  The set-up of a process offering guests complimentary airport shuttle and luggage service is a huge factor in widening the Disney gap.

What can you do to win the race?  If you are lowering your prices to entice new customers and continued business by past customers, make sure you are still offering the same high value of service.  Don’t slack on service!  Secondly, ask employees for ideas on how to be innovative and creative.  Develop a process that allows input of suggestions and ideas from all levels of employees and then LISTEN to them.  Who knows where the next best idea will come from that allows you to stay on top and widen the gap between you and your competitors!

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