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Clients ask me all the time why they have to measure. From their perspective, it seems it is just one more task to do on top of doing the job. Well, here’s one good reason why measurement is so important: it gives you the opportunity to celebrate! Without measurement, how would you really know whether you had improved. Sure, you might “feel” it, but with measurement, you get cold hard data to prove it.

This morning I stopped by for a cup of my favorite Dunkin Donuts coffee at a nearby Dunkin Donuts store. While waiting for my order, I caught a glimpse of this measurement chart posted where all the employees could see it throughout their day. Wow! 100% Guest Satisfaction ratings for the week. How good would this make you feel as an employee? It would make you want to keep giving awesome guest service so the numbers wouldn’t drop, wouldn’t it? It would make you pay special attention to each guest interaction to ensure the numbers stayed looking good.

The pictured chart is an example of a local measurement. It measures factors that the employees can control within their influence. By having the chart displayed in a visible area that all employees can view, it creates an awareness that communicates how important it is to deliver service excellence in every customer interaction.

The recognition by the management team that the measurement data is showing how well the Dunkin Donuts guests are appreciating the excellent service is incredible motivation and lets the employees know how appreciated they are.  It also makes the job more interesting as it becomes more than performance of tasks, but actually opportunities to build relationships with guests.  And that’s what builds customer loyalty.

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