Huge disconnect on level of customer service to students

In recent surveys, 75% of college presidents and senior administrators feel they provide students with great customer service on their campuses. The majority of college leaders also believe that their staff and managers have been trained to deliver great service and there is a clear customer service vision on how to best interact with students. Fake News. With the average graduation rate hovering around 50% nationally, schools are losing too many students and according to the Educational Policy Institute, 78% of students are leaving because of poor customer service.
Competition to attract and retain students is at an all-time high now and there is a huge variance in leadership perception and reality. Based on the survey, 59% of staff and 65% of managers disagreed that they had been trained in delivering excellent customer service and don’t feel they are delivering it to students. Training is of utmost importance in giving students a seamless experience of great service throughout all the departments of a college campus. If employees don’t know what it looks like, feels like, and what it entails, they can’t deliver it consistently.

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