As a frequent air traveler, I have many choices of where to park my vehicle at the airport depending on how much I want to pay, do I want to be on-airport or off-airport, do I want covered or uncovered parking, etc. My favorite off-airport parking is Fast Park and Relax. They are my top choice among at least ten other competitors offering basically the same service of being able to leave my car, get a ride to the airport, and then a pick-up on return. What separates Fast Park and Relax from the others? It’s the little things.

It starts with the friendly, smiling employee who greets me at the lot entrance and assigns my parking row. It’s the courteous drivers who get off the bus and load my baggage onto their shuttle. It’s the air-conditioned and clean bus that identifies the driver by name. It’s the driver who is respectful of my need to get to the airport quickly and safely and then helps getting my baggage off the bus when arriving at the terminal. No hassle, no worries, always a great way to start a trip.

Upon return, it’s the little things again. It’s the quick pick-up at the destination bus stop and then knowing there is only a maximum 2 minute wait before taking off for the home base. At the end of a trip, that’s all that is on a traveler’s mind. It was always a gnawing irritation for me to have to sit and wait till the bus got completely full before the driver would take off for the lot. “Looking through the lens” of the shuttle company that would make the most business sense and would mean less needed busses to make the airport rounds, but it is not “looking through the lens of the customer” who is anxious to get going and get home. Fast Park and Relax relieves that anxiety for both the driver and the riders by having a countdown clock posted at the front of the shuttle. Two minutes and you see the countdown on the clock in the front of the shuttle. Such a small detail, but a big impact on the customer experience.

The service is topped off when payment is made at the drive-through cashier kiosk so there is no need to get out of your vehicle. The final touch is when you are offered a bottle of water and a wish for your safe drive home.

None of these actions are earth-shattering or expensive, but it is an accumulation of little things that add up to being a Big Thing, a WOW for the customer.  And that’s what separates you from your competition!

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