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I received a letter from my insurance company with the notification that my flood insurance would be cancelled if I did not provide them with an elevation certificate because their records indicated this document was missing from my folder. I called and let them know this certificate was provided to them five years ago when I first applied and was granted flood insurance through their company. Their response basically was “Sorry, but we had a computer breakdown and many files have gone missing and this is one of them. Please provide us with another copy of that certificate or your rates will be increased.”

Thus began my odyssey of being bounced around various county government offices until the person in the flood management department got back from vacation and told me this was a City issue. Apparently, only he was the keeper of all flood management knowledge.

Dreading the hoopla of now going through the City’s building and zoning department to find my answer, I braced myself for the upcoming ordeal. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my call was put through to a community development engineer in the zoning department and he answered the phone on the first ring.

This gentleman told me that the City did not have my elevation certificate, but he did not say good bye at that point and hang up the phone as everyone else had done. He asked me to get a pen and paper and then shared with me three things he would recommend that would help me get the needed document. He provided the exact names and phone numbers with their extensions. He provided the specific website portal. And then he finished by saying that if for some reason that I exhausted these avenues with no luck, he would be sending me a list of surveyor names and contact information who could do a new survey for me.

This was going above and beyond. No one else in this entire process had done more than just the bare minimum. I shared my appreciation with him and he responded by saying it was his pleasure and he wished me good luck. This is WOW service. It doesn’t take a lot, just a little bit more that what is expected. Great customer service in government is truly FOR the people.

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