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Yesterday, I was looking to purchase a facial cleansing product and decided to order it online. Once I got to the company website, I was overwhelmed with the different array of products all professing to be amazing and wonderful. However, rather than picking one, I felt so confused I was about ready to click off the whole site and not buy anything, when a friendly picture of a woman in the top right of my screen appeared and messaged me “Would you like to ask me a question?” Of course I would! So, I typed back in the chat box, that I was confused with all the various facial cleansing products and had no idea which one would be best for me.

She introduced herself as Mary and said she would love to help me pick out one that would work for my skin and then proceeded to ask me questions regarding my skin tone, use of other products, and daily regimen. Once she finished her questions, she then suggested two of the products shown on the screen. Wow! Now that was helpful! I went from 15 choices down to two. I could handle that decision and so made my choice and placed an order.

Without Live Chat, I know I would have left the website and gone to a store so I could have bought a product based on the knowledge and experience of an in-person sales clerk. This behavior has been backed up by e-commerce website owners who report that one of the main issues online is maintaining customer engagement and preventing shopping cart abandonment. The number one communication channel for e-commerce websites is the usage of Live Chat with a 92% customer satisfaction rate.
The human factor cannot be underestimated. Knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful employees combined with high tech will provide you the competitive edge you need to differentiate your business.

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