Educating Staff on How to Deliver Excellent Service

Service Excellence training for employees in higher education institutions should start taking place now. Before embarking upon another school year, make sure your departmental staff are ready to take on a new year in the life of your students.

The first part of the training should remind everyone as to their higher purpose. Why are they doing the jobs they do? Reviewing the higher purpose is a powerful motivator as it creates a vision and emotional connection to their daily job tasks.

The second part of the training should show how each job task within the university ties to the higher purpose. No one job is exempt. Every single employee must understand his role and how he fits within the bigger picture. Stories, examples, and anecdotes can be shared to ensure this understanding.

The last part of the training must be encouraging and inspiring! You want to win the enthusiasm of every employee to be ready to welcome new and past students back to the campus with a sincere desire to make a difference in their lives.

Summer is a great time to begin preparing employees for the upcoming school year.


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