>Walking my dog through the side streets of a little beach town on a very hot afternoon, I met Christopher. I was pretty hot myself and Christopher had just the right product at the right moment – a lemonade stand. Now, this was no ordinary lemonade stand as Dad had obviously helped build it and Christopher was serious about his business.

He greeted me with a pleasant “hello” and told me what a pretty dog I had. I asked if I could buy a cup of his lemonade and he said “sure, for a dollar”. While Christopher was putting my dollar into a coffee can that was wrapped in paper that said “Christopher’s Money”, I looked over his operation setup: clean, neat and organized.

It was interesting watching the six year old maneuver his high stool to reach under the counter and pull out a Tupperware bowl filled with liquid. Then, using a big ladling spoon, he dipped into the bowl and poured out a nice sized cup, spilling only a little…  but, he was prepared and wiped up the spill with a nearby towel.  I was expecting the drink to be rather lukewarm, sticky sweet and watered down, but, much to my surprise, it was filled with the most delicious tasty ice-cold slushy lemonade!

He told me “thanks” and to come again on another day and bring my dog too, that he might start selling water for them.

Great service, capable processes, excellent product quality, clean facilities, good salesman, courteous and friendly employee – how do you stack up against Christopher’s lemonade stand?


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