It’s been over 40 years since Walt Disney World opened its doors to visitors. Today, it is still among the top vacation destinations in the world. What keeps attracting new visitors and even more so, what keeps guests coming back?

Clean, friendly, and fun are the top three reasons mentioned the most by repeat visitors as to why they are loyal and continue to choose Disney as their favored vacation. But, if you look deeper, you will find it is even more than those reasons that WOW guests to want them to come back and they are:

1. Treat each guest as an individual.
People want to feel special. When people feel they are part of a cattle call or just another transaction, they don’t feel important. Disney looks for ways to make guests feel important. For example, having you wear a birthday badge on your birthday so all the cast members you encounter will wish you a happy birthday or selecting you from a crowd and having you sit up front with the conductor and help drive the train. They are always looking for opportunities to treat the guest as a VIP (Very Individual Person).

2. Paying attention to the details.
Finding ways to keep things fresh and surprise the guests. For a first-time visitor, the Magic Kingdom can seem overwhelming. The Cinderella’s castle is a huge WOW factor through its size and color. A first-time visitor is awed by the structure and spires. However, a several time visitor is not, as their mentality is “been there, done that”. But, because Disney pays attention to the details, the inside walls of the castle tell the story of Cinderella in beautiful mosaic tiles. For the frequent visitor this creates a “wow, never noticed that before” and when they really look at the mosaics, they see one of the stepsisters has a green face and the other a red face – just like in the story “one turned red with rage and the other turned green with envy”. It’s the little things that make a difference.

3. Consistency
The consistency in the way you are treated by all cast members throughout Disney. For cast members, it starts internally in how they treat each other, which stems from their Service Theme of “we create happiness”. By looking for ways to deliver happiness to their fellow cast members, this feeling carries out to the paying guests. As a guest when someone is looking to make you happy with every interaction, it starts to accumulate and builds trust that this is how you will be treated every time. And trust, builds loyalty.

While your organization may not be a theme park, would these three ways of wowing guests work with your customers? I bet they would!

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