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When you are as successful as Amazon and you have just bought another successful organization called Whole Foods, you become a force to be reckoned with by all the competition. What are the best in the respective industries now going to do to stay on top?

Three critical customer service areas have been identified by industry experts:

1. Show and sell
2. Delivery and In-store pickup
3. Data-driven deals

1. “The Show” will need to become more exciting” says Stew Leonard, CEO of Stew Leonards’ famous grocery chain located in the Northeast. What the customer sees, smells, and touches will become more critical to the shopping experience. Smelling prepared foods, seeing convenient packaged meal kits, hearing classical music, tasting cheeses and wines, all add up to a very sensory grocery shopping journey. Everything is speaking.

2. Delivery options will need to become more prevalent in areas. Even today, major grocery retailers have already been stepping up their efforts in offering online ordering with pickup services. A few have started offering delivery service to identified neighborhoods. Convenience and accessibility will be key to stave off the resources Amazon has been solidifying over the years to provide their customers with quick delivery and almost instant gratification.

3. Customizing targeted deals will rely on getting to know your customers better. Analyzing quantity and quality data will be necessary to be successful. Quantity data to know where your customers are coming from with all their demographics. Quality data will be just as important to determine what customers really want and need. Customer emotions will be critical too. Do you have a fanatical football obsessed customer niche that makes it worth offering a “football weekend” deal, plus makes it fun for the customer to become engaged and feel a part of the promotion? Looking through the lens of the customer will produce more thriving results with access provided by accurate collected data.

Grocery store chains aren’t the only industry that need to step up their customer experience game. Almost any business today better not rest on their laurels expecting tomorrow’s customer expectations to be the same as today’s.

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