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You have been in survival mode for the past seven months just trying to figure out how to rework your business and organization during this pandemic. Now as things are loosening up, you are ready to get back to some of those key strategic initiatives you wanted to undertake before the crisis. Several clients of mine had identified they were ready to focus on improving their customer experience by embedding Service Excellence into their culture till they got side-railed by the virus and it took a backseat. Well, there couldn’t be a better time than this moment. So, how do you get started? Here is what I recommend and assist organizations to do:

1. Develop a Service Philosophy statement that clearly defines the emotional connection you want to create with your customers.

2. Identify the behaviors or Service Standards that will help you achieve this emotional connection.

3. Weave this Service Philosophy statement and Service Standards into your interview process so you can hire candidates that will be a right fit for this culture of superior customer experiences.

4. Communicate the Service Philosophy and Service Standards into your new employee orientation to reinforce the message that was heard during the interview process.

5. Reinforce the Service Standards through day to day recognition and continuous communication of Wow stories. Other employees will be able to pick up on these stories and repeat the behaviors so they too can receive the

6. Measure and celebrate your progress frequently. Small incremental progress is just as important as giant leaps and won’t take as long to achieve.

7. Remove obstacles that get in the path.

Now is the time to begin this journey if you haven’t already. Building a solid foundation for delivering superior customer experiences will be your competitive edge in this new world of normal.

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