Creating a culture of service excellence is going to take more than teaching a few customer service workshops to your employees It will require creating an environment that supports the skills and tools training you give to your employees and putting systems in place that are key to defining your culture.

It must start at the top of the organization with a common vision of how you want to deliver service. For example at Ritz Carleton, they want guests to feel as if they are ladies and gentlemen being served by ladies and gentlemen. This is a distinct vision of how they want to deliver service.

Once you have a established a common vision, it must now be communicated throughout the entire organization. Every employee must understand how the vision can be applied to their job and how they can live the vision each and every day in their interactions with internal customers and external customers.

They systems that define your organizations’ culture must be realigned to supporting this common vision. Every process should communicate, reinforce, and solidify this common vision.

Is it easy? No, if so, then every organization would do these things. But, if you are looking to differentiate yourself from your competition, it will be worth your efforts. Today, even those industries that felt themselves immune from the need to focus on service, are finding it will be the key to their survival.

“Unleashing Excellence – The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service” gives a step-by-step approach to creating a culture of Service Excellence to all businesses, colleges/universities, non-profit and profit organizations.

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