Customers may become dissatisfied for a variety of reasons. They may be unhappy with the product, they may feel they were treated poorly or unfairly, they may think they have been taken advantage of. Whatever the reason, once they come to you, it is now important for you to try to turn them around and make them happy. This is important because you are representing the organization and how you handle the situation will reflect on their perception of the whole organization.
Here are some steps to follow:
1. Listen and let the customer share the issue from their lens. Listen with an open mind. Do not judge and do not interrupt. Let the customer vent.
2. Ask open-ended questions to get the customer to talk and to allow you to understand as much as possible about what caused the problem so you will be better able to come up with a resolution.
3. Be positive with the customer that you will be able to help them and that you care. Have a can-do attitude and spirit that makes them confident in you and shows the organization values their business.
4. Empathize and let the customer know you are sorry the situation has occurred. No need to place blame or fault with the organization at this point, but simply to let them know you feel bad they are disappointed.
5. Do what you can do to take care of the problem. If you can’t individually resolve it, then find the person who can. Explain the situation to that employee so the customer doesn’t have to repeat their story again. Before passing the situation on, make sure that employee will be able to help the customer. You don’t want that employee passing them along to yet another employee.
6. While the problem may not be resolved in the customer’s favor, the customer will remember how they were treated.

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