How to Win Friends and Influence Others

How to Win Friends and Influence Others

Does this title sound familiar? About 40 years ago, I read a book that changed my life and outlook. It was Dale Carnegie’s best seller: “How to Win Friends and Influence Others.” There was nothing magical in the book, but it highlighted simple actions that draw others to you. I’d like to share the top three that I have remembered the most after all these years that help to also win customers.  And don’t we want our customers to feel like our friends?

The first action is to listen to the other person as if what they have to say is the most important thing in the world. Imagine if all your employees did that with their customers? Listening is the highest form of recognition that you can give another person. Truly focusing, acknowledging, and rephrasing what the other person says, gives them a feeling of being connected and understood.

The second action is to remember a person’s name and use it in conversation with them. Carnegie said the most important word in a person’s vocabulary is their name and when you remember it, you make them feel special and important.

The third action is to smile. Smile with your eyes, smile with your mouth. Be the first to smile when encountering the other person to make yourself approachable and for them to feel welcome. Give eye contact. Not a stare down, but genuine, sincere eye contact to show they have your full attention.

Three simple, but powerful actions. They don’t cost anything to do, but can be priceless in winning customers and influencing those who are watching.

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