Power of a Higher Purpose


Knowing the connection of one’s work with the higher purpose of the organization is a great motivating factor for most employees. It reminds every one of the reason why they are doing the job tasks they are doing. Many times, an employee’s tasks, especially those that are routine and methodical, seem small and insignificant. It can be hard to keep focused on the importance that each task is done accurately and efficiently. But, if the organization communicates and reminds all employees as to their higher purpose, it gives meaning to those job tasks.  It also reinforces the culture.

For example, I was working with a company that sold security systems for residential and business clients. The purpose of the company was to sell expensive state of the art technology alarms to protect the facilities and homes of the clients from burglary attempts. That was their product. However, the higher purpose for the employees was to sell “peace of mind” to clients. That was the true product of the company. It provided an emotional connection for employees to relate to their clients and reminded them of the reason why they were doing the job tasks assigned.

Here is how it was carried out:

Knowing that “peace of mind” was the higher purpose for each interaction, the receptionist answered calls focused on assuring the client that they would be taken care of quickly and efficiently. The sales force focused more on selling peace of mind vs. the high tech equipment which was the real reason the client wanted the product. The technician installing the alarms continually reassured the client that they would be safe and secure with the system installed correctly. The billing department sent out invoices stating that “peace of mind” was of the utmost importance to the company and to please call if for any reason they did not feel a peace of mind. Every point of contact with the client was to reinforce the higher purpose of having a “peace of mind” in doing business with this company.

The results came in clients referring the security systems company to others because they gave them “peace of mind” in doing business with them. It became the image for the company both internally and externally. All employees felt a better sense of purpose and higher meaning to their jobs and job tasks.

Do your employee’s know the Higher Purpose to their jobs and your organization?

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