Philip Crosby, the leader in quality management, once said, “You have to lead people gently toward what they already know is right.” Most everyone knows that giving good customer service is the right thing to do, so why doesn’t it happen more often?

There are many reasons I can think of:
• Everyone brings with them their prior learning of what customer service is – some are good, some are bad
• Lack of knowledge, materials, information, and other obstacles get in the way
• Customer service has not been defined clearly within the organization; therefore, each employee makes up their own definition
• No one is held accountable for the lack of delivering good customer service
• It is not perceived as important to management

A great customer experience has to be felt by employees internally in order to be delivered by them externally. This involves letting employees know what is the higher purpose to their jobs and management treating employees as customers. There is a domino effect.

Day-to-day coaching and counseling also gently leads people towards what they already know is right. It means management is paying attention to them and that they care whether it is done right or not.

“Intolerable service exists when intolerable service is tolerated.”

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