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There is a Japanese phrase “jishu kanri” which means “every worker is an inspector.” The expectation is for every worker to be responsible for the quality of the work he does. At Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs, Florida, they have put this same philosophy into practice by allowing the nursing staff to hold themselves accountable for the care and the experience of their assigned patients.

Every hour, a nurse is expected to check in on her patients and speak to four areas: is their pain under control, do they need bathroom help, are they in a comfortable position, and are their needs being met? When these areas have been addressed, the nurse then writes her initials next to the respective hour on a chart that is visibly displayed in the patient room. Anyone who enters the room can see the chart; thereby, anyone can know exactly when the last time and who checked in on the patient.

This form of measurement is the most powerful, because it is being measured by the nurse, the one who is performing the work. The fact that it is visible to everyone both internal (doctors, other healthcare providers) and external (patient, visitors, family, friends) is key to its effectiveness also.

Where are the opportunities for your organization to apply “jishu kanri” to your customers’ experiences?

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