Almost every organization has that period when it must perform at optimum levels in a peak busy timeframe. This is when the moments of truth come out. This is when the organization will be judged by customers as to whether they will become loyal customers or they will start looking for another option.

These moments of truth could be:

• Holiday season rush for retailers
• Community crises for blood banks
• Semester registration for colleges
• Weather cancellations for airlines

In each of the above situations, the organization knows these periods in time will occur; therefore, processes and systems should be put in place for employees on the frontline to know how to deal with them. It is too late, and a poor reflection on the organization, to be “winging” it, when the moment happens.

Processes and systems could include bringing people in from other locations or departments to assist, cross-training of staff to be able to step in or take on the overload, guideline procedures to empower frontline employees to make decisions without having to check every deviance with a supervisor, use of technology i.e. website to communicate situation, etc.

If customers are handled well during these intense phases, they feel more comfortable and confident the organization will be able to help them all the other times. Sitting down with your employees to discuss these peak periods and brainstorming with them for best methods and solutions will usually result in creative solutions that can help them perform at their best, and in return, ensure these moments of truth enhance your image and brand.

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