positive-negative-makThe statistics that one customer who has a poor experience will tell 9 or 10 others is long gone in today’s world. Today, that customer can tell millions of other potential customers through various forms of social media. Therefore, negative reviews must be addressed quickly.  Don’t ignore.

The best way to handle them is to start out by telling the customer you empathize with them. Phrases such as; “I can tell you are angry”, “I hear the frustration in your comments”, “I am sorry to hear you had a poor experience” then proceed to tell the customer what you are going to do about the situation so it won’t happen again. Or explain to the customer that you have investigated the situation and tell them the circumstances as to why it happened and how you will prevent it in the future.

Potential customers read quickly through all the favorable reviews, but it is the one bad one that catches their attention and can negate all the positives.  The quicker your response, the less damage it can cause your business or organization.  And if you do a really good job in the follow up, you can gain a loyal customer as they will now be more trusting of you because you took action and listened to them.

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