A Perfect Dress

My daughter got married last Saturday and she looked lovely walking down the aisle in her beautiful dress. Little did anyone know though, that as of Wednesday evening before the wedding, she did not have a gown. She had contracted with a fashion designer three months prior to the wedding to make her “dream” dress. Nothing real fancy, but a very sleek, sophisticated, and classy design. The designer promised big, but in the end, she delivered a dress that was too small and very little resemblance to the original design.

There had been mock-ups with muslin that looked right, but she waited till 10 days before the wedding to begin sewing the white satin. What a disaster! The worst part was the continued promising of its readiness, and then at the last minute, pushing back on the pick up. By Wednesday noon, I insisted my daughter go sit on the designer’s doorstep to check on the status of the dress, but the designer pushed her back again to 5 p.m. When she finally tried on the “finished” product, it didn’t fit at all!

And that’s where Nordstrom comes into the picture. My daughter raced through evening traffic to their store and shared her tale of woe with the bridal salon rep. The rep calmed her down and listened to what kind of dress she had wished for. She only had to try on two before she found the “right” one. It was   beautiful, but 3 sizes too big.  The alterations seamstress was called to the scene. She pinned and tucked and then told my daughter it would be completely finished by 5 p.m. Friday night (still cutting it close), but to come back in for a pre-final fitting on Thursday.

Thursday, my husband and I were on our way to the wedding destination to help with any finishing touches to the reception venue. I asked my daughter if we could stop at Nordstrom to see the dress. She called and they told her she could come in and try it on for us. At 1 p.m. on Thursday, the three of us anxiously met in the bridal department. The salon rep walked out with the biggest smile on her face and said “It’s completely finished. Your dress is ready.” My daughter tried it on and it fit like a glove! Wow, super Wow, amazing Wow!

But, that’s not all. The salon rep then brought out a gorgeous, but simple veil. I had really been wanting my daughter to wear a veil, but she had been resisting to this point. The rep asked her to just try it and then she gently put it on the crown of her head. It was incredibly beautiful, the icing on the cake! However, it turned out it was the only sample by that designer in the store and the rep wasn’t sure if she could sell it. She tried calling her manager several times to get permission, but wasn’t able to reach her. Finally, she said, “I am going to sell this veil to you if you would like it and I will handle any consequences on my end. It is the perfect touch to your daughter’s dress.” Of course, we bought it.

I have always talked about Nordstrom as a role model for customer service in my service excellence speeches and training workshops, but had never personally experienced it myself. Nordstrom, you saved a once in a lifetime day and your reputation for legendary customer service will live on.

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