Personality matters when choosing the right fit for the right job position. Yesterday, in my travels, I encountered at least three people who were definitely not the right person for the job they were working: the front desk receptionist with no voice inflection, the scattered office manager who appeared confused and indecisive, the soft-spoken shy restaurant hostess. My guess is that these people are also very uncomfortable in their jobs and exhausted at the end of their work day. It takes a toll and tremendous energy to try to be someone you aren’t!
Years ago, I learned the four basic behavioral styles called DiSC as researched by the Inscape Publishing Company. Hippocrates also identified four basic personality styles. Through a simple assessment tool, individuals can learn what is their primary behavioral style that motivates their behavior and in turn, their personality. By understanding what motivates your behavior and then learning how to read other people’s behaviors, it is like a light switch going off. “Now, I know why she acts as she does” or “I get it now why he does the things he does in the way he does” is often the reaction to gaining this understanding. It helps one to become more accepting of others and also develop better relationships as a result of that understanding.
In learning what is your own primary behavioral style, it gives a name to explain your behaviors. This can give one validity and explanation as to why they may not be in the job that best fits their style. Taking a position in a back office doing research is the worst kind of job for someone with an Influencing style. On the opposite end, is taking a position as a project sales manager leading an ever-changing market and having the Steadiness personality as a primary behavioral style.
Dominant, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness are the four basic styles. No one human being fits totally into one of the styles 100% as we all have a little of each in us. However, most of us have one style that fits us most comfortably. The happiest people are the ones who find a job that allows the characteristics of that style to be most prevalent.

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