Poor Service Costs More than You Think

My friend owns a plaza with several small business owners as tenants. They all share one dumpster located behind the plaza. A waste management company owns the dumpster and provides the service of emptying it on a regular basis.

Several years ago, my friend noted there were extra charges being added on to his bill. He called the waste management company and was given the run around for days, which required hours of his time trying to deal with the incorrect invoice. Finally, he was so exasperated that he said he was going to cancel his agreement with them.

Not such an easy thing to do!  The company responded that they owned the dumpster and they were not willing to come remove it from his property. Of course, this meant that a new waste management company would have no place to put their new dumpster. After many more hours of pure frustration in dealing with them, my friend agreed to continue the contract with them, but he wanted a new agreement signed that would put a cap on the total amount he would be billed every month. This was done.

Lo and behold, as the months creeped by, the monthly invoice started to increase. Calls back to the company resulted in sheer anger as no one would remove the charges nor accept responsibility for the additional fee increases. Once again, my friend said he was canceling his contract and asked for the removal of the dumpster. No one from the company would agree that this would be done.

It is a battle now. My friend who is regularly a very calm, cool, and collected individual begins to seethe with resentment whenever the topic is brought up. He is infuriated that he has been put through this type of service treatment as a customer of a business. He tells everyone how he feels towards this waste management company and advises anyone looking to use them as a service to run away.

Poor Service creates feelings that will not soon be forgotten. People remember how they were treated far after the service is performed. Don’t ever discount the value of one of your customers feeling they received poor service from your organization.

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