I don’t like to order big items online because it is very difficult for me to determine how the item will look spatially once it is in my home. However, many stores are not carrying the inventory they use to, so in order to get what you really want, sometimes there is no choice but to order online.

Last week I ordered a patio set that included six chairs, a table, and a cantilever umbrella. Mistakenly on my part, I thought the umbrella would be able to be used in the table as it had an umbrella hole in the center of the table. I was wrong. The cantilever umbrella could only be used as it was pictured on the website as on the side of the table.

Recognizing my mistake, I called the company that I had ordered the set from: Wayfair. I explained the situation and asked if instead of returning the whole set, could I just exchange out the cantilever umbrella for a table umbrella? At first, there seemed to be a real concern on their part of breaking up a set. They wanted me to ship back the entire patio set, then they would reship a new set with a table umbrella. It was going to cost me return shipping and restocking fees and it was going to cost them new shipping fees. I loved the table and chairs, it was only the umbrella that needed changing out. Upon looking through their site though, they recognized that they already were selling the cantilever umbrella and a table umbrella that would fit my set, as stand-alone products.

The problem was the process. The process would not allow the breaking up of a set even if it was common sense. PROCESSES SHOULD BE DESIGNED FOR THE MANY, BUT FLEXIBLE ENOUGH FOR THE FEW.

I was so pleased when I received a call from Wayfair stating that they would be sending me a new table umbrella for the original set and the WOW came in letting me keep the cantilever umbrella with no additional charges and avoid the return shipping fees.
I will order from Wayfair again!

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