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I stopped into a small diner yesterday for lunch. It was a former unsuccessful Burger King that had been renovated and so my expectations were not that high. However, it was convenient and I was hungry. Wow, what a pleasant surprise from the moment I walked in the door!

The floors were immaculate, the windows sparkled, the tables and booths were well-arranged for both privacy and social interaction. A friendly waitress quickly approached the table and greeted me along with a request for my drink order. I thought I would go to the restroom once I had placed my order and wash my hands. Upon leaving the restroom, I noticed the sign above. This was serious commitment. How many times do you see in a restroom a checklist of times when someone is to come in and clean? Yes, that is a sign of commitment, but this shouted “as the owner, I want to know NOW, if this restroom needs to be cleaned or supplied”.

If the rest of the diner had not been so clean, this sign would not have been taken so seriously. But, because it reinforced the message the other areas of the diner sent, it was a small attention to detail, that spoke volumes on the commitment of the owner to offer guests a clean and comfortable environment to enjoy their food.  It also established the tone of the culture of cleanliness the owner expected his employees to follow.

By the way, my meal was delicious.

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