Individualized service makes the difference

I just got off the phone with a representative of my cable company and said “Wow”! That doesn’t occur often, but here is what happened. I had a situation that needed human discussion, but dreaded the phone lines and wait; however, I was pleasantly surprised when I quickly got right into a cable representative. His name was Stephen. After the initial details regarding the situation were communicated, he quickly said, “I know I can help you and you will be pleased.” Immediately, my anxiety started to recede. As he began to search through his information and share different options on my concern, he interspersed our conversation with small talk, a funny clean joke, and some advice on various channels.

At the end of the call, when we had worked through the situation, Stephen offered to walk me through the website to print out all the new channels we would be getting. It was a small touch, but definitely added value. Our call ended by me telling him how glad I was to have gotten him on the phone and wished every time I called into the company that I could get him. He said that was his goal with every call he took. He wanted his customers to feel they were glad they got him, because that in turn, would make them feel glad they had chosen this cable company. Well, Stephen certainly met his personal                                                                                   goal and I made sure to complete a “kudos” for him. (customer compliments are called “kudos’ and will go into his file).

Wouldn’t it be great if every employee in every organization had that as a personal goal – to make their customers glad they got him or her!

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