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The competitive edge in today’s world is definitely in the customer experience. Amazon keeps setting the bar higher on how fast products should be delivered efficiently and accurately to the customer. Businesses find they must be available immediately to help customers when problems arise. The expectation for timeliness is no longer waiting for a response in the mail. Customer engagement is the goal to building a loyal customer base.

A great customer experience begins with the basics of customer service. Here are 6 ways to brand your organization as one that is truly customer-focused.

1. Ensure your employees are competent and knowledgeable about how to do their jobs. Teach them where they fit into the big picture of the organization. For front line staff positions, cross-train as much as possible, so employees can step in for each other and know the steps that come before and after them.

2. Educate employees to look through the lens of the customer. Show empathy and actively listen when the customer is explaining his needs and concerns.

3. Review processes that customers complain about as too time-consuming, redundant, convoluted, or complex. Re-design to allow customers’ ease of use and streamline their ability to navigate through your systems.

4. Don’t let problems escalate. Solve any issues and concerns at the lowest, earliest level. Empower your employees to resolve issues. Teach and train them how to do this so they feel confident.

5. Every customer touch point is an opportunity to build a relationship. Customer retention increases when customers feel an emotional connection to the organization. Remind employees to make personal connections with the customers.

6. Ensure all employees know that everyone makes an impact on the customer experience and it is imperative to work together as a team. There is a domino effect on how colleagues treat each other.
Internal service to a co-worker is just as important as external service to a customer.

Building your brand, image, and reputation based on delivering excellent service consistently and seamlessly in your department or company will be a key driver in your success.

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