Recently, I was talking to an attorney who had just joined a very large firm with over 700 lawyers practicing in offices all across the country. He was most impressed with what a strong culture they had in their common values and service standards. How do you do this when employees are scattered and not in one office building? The approach is simple.

Every morning all employees gather in the lobby of their building at the start of the work day for 3 minutes. One employee tells a story or anecdote on the use of one of their values or service standards and how it applied to their everyday work. That’s it!

At first, he felt it was rather a corny thing to do, but he says after a couple of weeks, he started to look forward to it. Even though it is only 3 minutes a morning, after a while employees get to know each other better and they hear from each other as the speaker for the day is rotated among everyone. Teamwork is subconsciously promoted as all levels of employees are expected to attend.

Real-life examples are shared which results in long-term employees being reminded of what’s important and new employees are taught as to what is expected. Bonding of a common vision of how people are to treat each other internally and how to treat their clients is laid and reinforced each and every day.

Simple approach in theory, harder to put into practice. Senior leadership must insist, participate, and hold everyone accountable to show up!

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