>According to an article posted in the Orlando Sentinel today, 64% of Americans are fed up with the service  they receive and have stomped out of a store in the past 12 months because of poor treatment.  Interestingly, 67% have hung up on a call before their problems are even addressed.  Sounds to me like the customer got caught up in a voice mail system that just fueled their anger.

The survey results show that the most annoying gripe is:  not being able to get a person on the phone at all.  How many times have you yourself experienced the round-about some companies put you through and waste hours of your time, just to reach a human being who might be willing to help?  The second biggest gripe is that once you finally do reach a human being that they are rude.

(If you’d like to see what are all the shoppers biggest complaints), go to the graphic of the survey.

So, don’t be a victim,  rather than spending all your marketing money on the front end getting new customers, maybe you better look at training customer service skills to your employees in order to keep the customers you have.


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