Delivering world class service is not a series of techniques, but it is a culture and way of life within an organization. It requires each employee to take ownership of the customer experience by engaging their minds and hearts into creating a memorable and positive moments.

Why does no one ever change the oil in a rental car? Because they don’t own the rental car. They don’t feel the need to ensure it keeps on running long after they have turned it back in. Owning something requires taking stock in what you believe and doing your very best to never let it fade, go bad, be ruined. This can apply to products, services, image, goodwill, and reputation.

What does it mean to take STOCK? Let me share what I believe it means:

Sincerity – Looking through the lens of the customer and putting yourself into her shoes both emotionally and physically

Touchpoints – Seeing the points of contact with a customer as opportunities to do more than the job task, but to build a relationship

Organization – Organizing yourself and job process for more effective ways to accomplish the outputs

Care – Showing passion in your job and to the people around you

Knowledge – Having a constant drive for continuous improvement

How much STOCK have you taken out lately?

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