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It’s that time of year when everyone is busy preparing for the holidays and having to add one more thing to the list can create anxiety. This is especially true if that one more thing to do includes going to the local Tax Collector’s office for a needed license.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised and wowed at how quick and pleasant my visit to the Longwood Seminole County Tax Collector office turned out. First, the cleanliness of the facility when I walked in the entrance door. Bright lighting, mopped and waxed floors, electronic marquees showing the numbers being called, and taped off sections for socially distance seating immediately made me feel comfortable. A friendly, smiling receptionist assured me that they would be able to process my request and quickly gave me a number. As I waited, Christmas music quietly played in the background. As customers completed their transactions, a pleasing toned loud speaker called out the number with the assigned station. Everything  was organized, smooth, and felt very safe in this world of COVID.  Everything Speaks!

My representative whisked me through the needed information to process my license. She accomplished the transaction in less than five minutes and sent me on my way with a wish for a Happy Holiday. I will certainly complete the Customer Satisfaction comment card that was on the counter in front of her station. I never got the feeling she was trying to be nice just to get a good comment card, but more that she enjoyed her job and enjoyed knowing she could take one more task off someone’s plate.

If a Tax Collector’s Office can create this kind of atmosphere in their business world, there should be no reason why your business can’t too. Most people can remember when going to the Tax Collector’s office was a dreaded experience in terms of time wasted in line and employees who acted as if they wanted to be anywhere but there. What a delightful change this was to experience especially in this holiday season.

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