E-Mail Etiquette makes impression

On-line communication is a critical component of the communications that are being sent in today’s world as more and more of work is being done remotely and digitally. Here are a few tips on how to make the best impression whether it is responding to a customer order, question, or internal dialog with another colleague:

1. Re-read each email message carefully before you send it.
2. Use receipts only for emergencies.
3. Avoid crying wolf with “Urgent” subject lines
4. Avoid using all uppercase or lowercase.
5. Never double-space your entire message.
6. Be wary of humor or sarcasm
7. Allow cool-off time before sending a flame or any emotional message. (sleep on it)
8. Act on e-mail promptly or notify others that you’re unavailable.
9. Watch the tone in directives. (may come across too blunt)
10. Don’t diminish your position with inappropriate tone and style.

Remember that “Everything Speaks” and sometimes your e-mail communications are the only means a customer has of judging you and your organization.

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