Repeat customers can mean a lot to your business. In fact, a repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one. And it costs 6 to 7 times more to attract a new customer than to keep the one you’ve got. So thank them for coming back!

Simple ways to thank repeat customers is to verbally say “thank you.” Remember their name and show familiarity in who they are and something about their situation. Another way is to provide special extras such as sample products. I am a repeat customer to a Clinique department at my local mall. Whenever I make a purchase, the sales clerk always says “wait just a moment, I have something special for you” and then she puts several samples of new products in my bag to try. As a repeat customer to my veterinarian, I receive a birthday card for my dog in the mail every year. Yes, they are little things, but they let me know that my business is appreciated and I am noticed.

Studies show that a 5% increase in your loyal customer base can result in increases of revenue and profits up to 85% or more. How is that possible? Trust is a big factor. A customer who trusts you will be more comfortable in trying out a new service or product you offer, they will be more comfortable in telling their friends about you. Repeat customers are loyal customers. They will come back to you even if you make a mistake or have a bad experience, because they are more willing to give you another chance.

Be sincere in your thanks. Nothing can replace a loyal, repeat customer to make your business more successful.

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