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Someone once told me the 3 R’s of a great basic education were: reading, riting, and rithmetic, something I have never forgotten. On the subject of service excellence, I believe that referrals, retention, and repeat business are the 3 R’s of great customer service.

Referrals come when customers have consistently received great service from you and know you can be trusted to deliver the same with their friends and family.

Retention happens when you have built a relationship with a customer and they feel comfortable in doing business with you and have such loyalty that even if something goes awry once in awhile, they won’t desert you.

Repeat business occurs when you have earned your customers trust and therefore, you can cross-sell, up-sell much easier since you have already proven yourself.

Studies show it costs 5 to 7 times more to get a new customer vs. keeping one you’ve already got. The power of the 3 R’s shows why that is the case. So, whether you are a hotel, retail business, non-profit, college, manufacturing company or any kind of organization – get back to the basics!

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