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In today’s fast paced world, you don’t have long to create an emotional connection with your customers to build strong customer loyalty. Here are three phrases that can be used to speed up that connection. They are easily remembered by the acronym CUS.

CUS stands for:

I’m concerned…

I feel uncomfortable…

I feel scared…

CUS originated as a technique for medical staff to use with physicians as a way to express their level of disagreement or discomfort with an action or inaction affecting patient safety. However, these phrases can be used in any type of business or organization.

Here is an example by a telephone sales representative who tailored the CUS tips with a customer:

  • “Tell me what concerns do you have about this new phone?”
  • “I want you to be comfortable as possible, tell me is there anything about the phone that makes you uncomfortable?”
  • “I want to do all I can to ease your mind. Is there anything that is making you feel anxious about this purchase – please tell me?”

Letting your customer know you care about them and their concerns will help to build a strong relationship and create a more memorable customer experience.

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