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Last week, I was invited to give a presentation to newly chosen student ambassadors for UCF. The presentation was to include how to dress, how to dine, how to act to best represent the university. These 25 students are carefully selected through applications and interviews for this highly sought after non-paid position. These ambassadors will now help spread customer service throughout the campus at all kinds of events.
Great customer service is about paying attention to the details and these ambassadors will be able to ensure these details are covered. Little things such as helping guide visitors attending a university event find a parking spot, assisting lost students in the first week of a new semester locate their classrooms, making small talk to a guest at a university event to feel comfortable and welcomed, being available to answer questions for students and other stakeholders on the campus, are all in their job description.
These ambassadors are the image and face of UCF. How they represent themselves is a true reflection of the institution. It is a big job. However, there are big payoffs. These students will catch the attention of potential employers for having done something above and beyond completing their studies. They will also learn the importance of customer service and the true value of delivering a great customer experience.
Do your employees think of themselves as ambassadors of your business? Each and every employee is the image and face of your organization. It is a big job and there are big payoffs. Not only to the employee who experiences seeing the customer delight, but also to the organization in the form of customer retention.

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