Most everyone dreads the long wait in line to receive a product or service.  Some people will just leave when they see a long line and if possible go elsewhere.  Whether its waiting in line for a theme park ride, buying a computer, getting an oil change, eating dinner at a favorite restaurant, most successful businesses will have to deal with the customer waiting.

Last week’s Wall Street Journal posted an article on Fun for the Whole Family: The Long Wait in Line that shared examples of what businesses have done to embrace the “wait” and make it a fun part of the experience vs. an evil necessity.

Companies are equipping waiting rooms with computer tablets, free Wi-Fi, and arcade games.  The notoriously insufferable wait at the local DMV, has been defused at one location in Kansas with a text-messaging service that alerts customers when it’s their turn.  Users join the line by text, phone, going online, or just walking into the office.  Some customers now go grocery shopping while waiting in the virtual line or come in closer to their estimated appointment time.

It takes creativity, but Disney has always considered the “wait” part of the experience and continuously looked for ways to engage the guest before the REAL ride begins.

Gather your employees and brainstorm with them and other loyal customers what you could do to make the wait for your business a fun part of the experience.  Great customer service considers all the possible customer touch points.  How you handle the “Wait” touchpoints can certainly help create a more memorable experience.

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