Lip service is easy when it comes to giving great customer service. Of course, everyone says that giving great service is important, but companies that actually deliver it is rare. Why? Because it takes work, commitment, dedication and there are very few leaders who are willing to keep it as a focus. They want a magic pill to swallow or teach a few customer service sessions and then be done with it.

If great customer service is to become a consistent element in your organization, leadership must walk the talk. Internal customer service has a direct correlation to external customer service. Leaders must treat employees as they would customers in how they talk to them, treat them, and engage with them. This builds loyalty and loyal employees will in turn, build loyal customers.

Leaders must also remember they are always being watched by others. If cleanliness is important to you in your business and you “say” it is, then you better pick up that piece of trash when you walk by it, or you will be sending a message you really didn’t mean it. If courtesy is important to you and you “say” it is, then you better show friendliness and respect especially when dealing with an unhappy customer.

Nothing will spread the word about the importance of delivering great customer service more so than the actions performed by a leader not only when they think people are watching, but even when they don’t think anyone is looking.

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